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LPL LPL Summer 2022  

LPL Summer 2022 stats
Tournament data
Number of games:343
Average game duration:31:16
Average kills / game:26
Shortest game:21:25 - V5 vs Team WE
Longest game:56:03 - LNG Esports vs LGD Gaming
Game with the most kills: 55 Kills in 42:36 - RNG vs IG
LPL Summer 2022 blue/red side win rate
Blue/Red Side

LPL Summer 2022 elemental dragons killed
Dragons killed

LPL Summer 2022 Top KDA
Knight 10.0 (183/42/239)
JunJia 8.6 (32/18/122)
Dream 7.0 (51/22/104)
Viper 6.2 (189/68/232)
Yagao 6.2 (143/76/326)
LPL Summer 2022 most kills in a single game
Most kills in a single game
Viper 19 kills (Rare Atom vs EDG)
GALA 14 kills (RNG vs IG)
Knight 14 kills (AL vs Top Esports)
Assum 13 kills (FPX vs LGD Gaming)
Lwx 13 kills (Rare Atom vs FPX)
LPL Summer 2022 Pentakill leaderboard.
Top Multikill
Pentakill Quadra Triple Double
LPL Summer 2022 best team Gold Per Minute
Top Team GPM
Royal Never Give Up 2332 GPM (RNG vs IG)
Weibo Gaming 2274 GPM (WBG vs Ultra Prime)
Royal Never Give Up 2257 GPM (RNG vs OMG)
Edward Gaming 2246 GPM (EDG vs AL)
Rare Atom 2243 GPM (Rare Atom vs IG)
LPL Summer 2022 best average creeps per minute
Top Farmer
Kepler 10 CSM
SmLz 9.9 CSM
Doggo 9.5 CSM
huanfeng 9.5 CSM
Xing 9.4 CSM
LPL Summer 2022 best CSM
Best farm
huanfeng 12.6 CSM - 391 CS in 31:09 (OMG vs WBG)
huanfeng 12.3 CSM - 408 CS in 33:16 (FPX vs WBG)
huanfeng 12 CSM - 468 CS in 39:02 (WBG vs Top Esports)
Elk 11.9 CSM - 388 CS in 32:40 (Ultra Prime vs IG)
huanfeng 11.8 CSM - 337 CS in 28:30 (WBG vs TT)