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Ultraliga Season 1

Match List

Ultraliga Season 1 results
Game Blue Side Score Red Side Patch Date vs RECRogue Esports Club3 - 2devils.oneFINALS9.52019-03-27 vs IHGdevils.one3 - 0Illuminar GamingFINALS9.52019-03-26
REC vs devils.onedevils.one1 - 3Rogue Esports ClubSEMIFINALS9.52019-03-21
PRIDE vs iHGIlluminar Gaming3 - 0PRIDESEMIFINALS9.52019-03-20
Wisla Plock vs iHGWisla Plock2 - 3Illuminar GamingQUARTERFINALS9.52019-03-12
IN vs EACIndictive Esports1 - 0Esports AcademyTIEBREAKER9.42019-03-06
DV1 vs RECdevils.one0 - 1Rogue Esports ClubWEEK79.42019-03-06
ACTINA PACT vs Wisla PlockACTINA PACT1 - 0Wisla PlockWEEK79.42019-03-06
IN vs PRIDEIndictive Esports1 - 0PRIDEWEEK79.42019-03-06
EAC vs iHGEsports Academy0 - 1Illuminar GamingWEEK79.42019-03-06
EAC vs DV1Esports Academy0 - 1devils.oneWEEK79.42019-03-05
Wisla Plock vs iHGIlluminar Gaming1 - 0Wisla PlockWEEK79.42019-03-05
IN vs ACTINA PACTIndictive Esports1 - 0ACTINA PACTWEEK79.42019-03-05
ACTINA PACT vs DV1ACTINA PACT0 - 1devils.oneWEEK69.32019-02-27
IN vs RECIndictive Esports0 - 1Rogue Esports ClubWEEK69.32019-02-27
iHG vs PRIDEIlluminar Gaming0 - 1PRIDEWEEK69.32019-02-27
EAC vs Wisla PlockEsports Academy1 - 0Wisla PlockWEEK69.32019-02-27
Wisla Plock vs PRIDEWisla Plock0 - 1PRIDEWEEK69.32019-02-26
DV1 vs INdevils.one1 - 0Indictive EsportsWEEK69.32019-02-26
REC vs EACRogue Esports Club1 - 0Esports AcademyWEEK69.32019-02-26
ACTINA PACT vs iHGACTINA PACT0 - 1Illuminar GamingWEEK69.32019-02-26
Wisla Plock vs DV1Wisla Plock0 - 1devils.oneWEEK59.32019-02-20
iHG vs RECIlluminar Gaming0 - 1Rogue Esports ClubWEEK59.32019-02-20
EAC vs INEsports Academy0 - 1Indictive EsportsWEEK59.32019-02-20
ACTINA PACT vs EACACTINA PACT1 - 0Esports AcademyWEEK59.32019-02-19
DV1 vs PRIDEdevils.one1 - 0PRIDEWEEK59.32019-02-19
REC vs Wisla PlockRogue Esports Club0 - 1Wisla PlockWEEK59.32019-02-19
IN vs iHGIndictive Esports0 - 1Illuminar GamingWEEK59.32019-02-19
Wisla Plock vs INWisla Plock1 - 0Indictive EsportsWEEK49.32019-02-13
DV1 vs iHGdevils.one1 - 0Illuminar GamingWEEK49.32019-02-13
PRIDE vs EACPRIDE1 - 0Esports AcademyWEEK49.32019-02-13
REC vs ACTINA PACTRogue Esports Club1 - 0ACTINA PACTWEEK49.32019-02-13
REC vs DV1Rogue Esports Club1 - 0devils.oneWEEK49.32019-02-12
iHG vs EACIlluminar Gaming1 - 0Esports AcademyWEEK49.32019-02-12
Wisla Plock vs ACTINA PACTWisla Plock0 - 1ACTINA PACTWEEK49.32019-02-12
PRIDE vs INPRIDE1 - 0Indictive EsportsWEEK49.32019-02-12
PRIDE vs DV1PRIDE0 - 1devils.oneWEEK39.22019-02-06
Wisla Plock vs RECWisla Plock0 - 1Rogue Esports ClubWEEK39.22019-02-06
EAC vs ACTINA PACTEsports Academy1 - 0ACTINA PACTWEEK39.22019-02-06
iHG vs INIlluminar Gaming1 - 0Indictive EsportsWEEK39.22019-02-06
IN vs EACIndictive Esports0 - 1Esports AcademyWEEK39.22019-02-05
REC vs iHGRogue Esports Club1 - 0Illuminar GamingWEEK39.22019-02-05
DV1 vs Wisla Plockdevils.one0 - 1Wisla PlockWEEK39.22019-02-05
Wisla Plock vs iHGWisla Plock0 - 1Illuminar GamingWEEK29.22019-01-30
DV1 vs EACdevils.one1 - 0Esports AcademyWEEK29.22019-01-30
REC vs PRIDERogue Esports Club1 - 0PRIDEWEEK29.22019-01-30
ACTINA PACT vs INACTINA PACT1 - 0Indictive EsportsWEEK29.22019-01-30
Wisla Plock vs EACWisla Plock1 - 0Esports AcademyWEEK29.22019-01-29
DV1 vs ACTINA PACTdevils.one1 - 0ACTINA PACTWEEK29.22019-01-29
REC vs INRogue Esports Club1 - 0Indictive EsportsWEEK29.22019-01-29
PRIDE vs iHGPRIDE1 - 0Illuminar GamingWEEK29.22019-01-29
IN vs DV1Indictive Esports0 - 1devils.oneWEEK19.12019-01-23
PRIDE vs Wisla PlockPRIDE1 - 0Wisla PlockWEEK19.12019-01-23
EAC vs RECEsports Academy0 - 1Rogue Esports ClubWEEK19.12019-01-23
iHG vs ACTINA PACTIlluminar Gaming0 - 1ACTINA PACTWEEK19.12019-01-23
EAC vs PRIDEEsports Academy0 - 1PRIDEWEEK19.12019-01-22
ACTINA PACT vs RECACTINA PACT0 - 1Rogue Esports ClubWEEK19.12019-01-22
IN vs Wisla PlockIndictive Esports0 - 1Wisla PlockWEEK19.12019-01-22
iHG vs DV1Illuminar Gaming0 - 1devils.oneWEEK19.12019-01-22