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Hitpoint Masters Winter League 2020

Match List

Hitpoint Masters Winter League 2020 results
Game Blue Side Score Red Side Patch Date
CG vs eSubaCyber Gaming1 - 0eSubaTIEBREAKER10.222020-11-15
ECT vs InaequalisInaequalis1 - 0Eclot GamingWEEK710.222020-11-15
VIK vs Repre GoldRepre Gold1 - 0Vikingekrig EsportsWEEK710.222020-11-15
IG vs aLAbsolute Legends CZSK1 - 0Inside GamesWEEK710.222020-11-15
CG vs eSubaeSuba1 - 0Cyber GamingWEEK710.222020-11-15
aL vs VIKVikingekrig Esports0 - 1Absolute Legends CZSKWEEK710.222020-11-15
Repre Gold vs eSubaRepre Gold1 - 0eSubaWEEK710.222020-11-15
Inaequalis vs IGInaequalis1 - 0Inside GamesWEEK710.222020-11-15
ECT vs CGCyber Gaming1 - 0Eclot GamingWEEK710.222020-11-15
IG vs ECTEclot Gaming1 - 0Inside GamesWEEK610.222020-11-08
CG vs VIKVikingekrig Esports0 - 1Cyber GamingWEEK610.222020-11-08
eSuba vs InaequalisInaequalis0 - 1eSubaWEEK610.222020-11-08
Repre Gold vs aLAbsolute Legends CZSK0 - 1Repre GoldWEEK610.222020-11-08
VIK vs ECTEclot Gaming1 - 0Vikingekrig EsportsWEEK610.222020-11-08
CG vs InaequalisInaequalis0 - 1Cyber GamingWEEK610.222020-11-08
aL vs eSubaeSuba0 - 1Absolute Legends CZSKWEEK610.222020-11-08
IG vs Repre GoldRepre Gold1 - 0Inside GamesWEEK610.222020-11-08
Inaequalis vs Repre GoldRepre Gold1 - 0InaequalisWEEK510.222020-11-07
ECT vs eSubaeSuba1 - 0Eclot GamingWEEK510.222020-11-07
VIK vs IGInside Games0 - 1Vikingekrig EsportsWEEK510.222020-11-07
aL vs CGCyber Gaming1 - 0Absolute Legends CZSKWEEK510.222020-11-07
eSuba vs VIKVikingekrig Esports0 - 1eSubaWEEK510.222020-11-07
IG vs CGCyber Gaming1 - 0Inside GamesWEEK510.222020-11-07
Inaequalis vs aLAbsolute Legends CZSK1 - 0InaequalisWEEK510.222020-11-07
Repre Gold vs ECTEclot Gaming0 - 1Repre GoldWEEK510.222020-11-07
Inaequalis vs VIKVikingekrig Esports1 - 0InaequalisWEEK410.212020-11-01
Repre Gold vs CGCyber Gaming0 - 1Repre GoldWEEK410.212020-11-01
eSuba vs IGInside Games0 - 1eSubaWEEK410.212020-11-01
ECT vs aLEclot Gaming0 - 1Absolute Legends CZSKWEEK410.212020-11-01
eSuba vs CGCyber Gaming1 - 0eSubaWEEK410.212020-11-01
Inaequalis vs ECTEclot Gaming0 - 1InaequalisWEEK410.212020-11-01
Repre Gold vs VIKVikingekrig Esports0 - 1Repre GoldWEEK410.212020-11-01
aL vs IGAbsolute Legends CZSK0 - 1Inside GamesWEEK410.212020-11-01
VIK vs aLAbsolute Legends CZSK0 - 1Vikingekrig EsportsWEEK310.212020-10-25
CG vs ECTCyber Gaming0 - 1Eclot GamingWEEK310.212020-10-25
eSuba vs Repre GoldeSuba0 - 1Repre GoldWEEK310.212020-10-25
IG vs InaequalisInaequalis0 - 1Inside GamesWEEK310.212020-10-25
ECT vs VIKEclot Gaming0 - 1Vikingekrig EsportsWEEK310.212020-10-25
eSuba vs aLAbsolute Legends CZSK0 - 1eSubaWEEK310.212020-10-25
Repre Gold vs IGInside Games1 - 0Repre GoldWEEK310.212020-10-25
Inaequalis vs CGInaequalis0 - 1Cyber GamingWEEK310.212020-10-25
eSuba vs InaequaliseSuba1 - 0InaequalisWEEK210.212020-10-24
CG vs IGCyber Gaming0 - 1Inside GamesWEEK210.212020-10-24
VIK vs eSubaeSuba0 - 1Vikingekrig EsportsWEEK210.212020-10-24
ECT vs Repre GoldEclot Gaming0 - 1Repre GoldWEEK210.212020-10-24
aL vs InaequalisAbsolute Legends CZSK1 - 0InaequalisWEEK210.212020-10-24
VIK vs CGCyber Gaming1 - 0Vikingekrig EsportsWEEK210.212020-10-24
aL vs Repre GoldAbsolute Legends CZSK1 - 0Repre GoldWEEK210.212020-10-24
ECT vs IGEclot Gaming0 - 1Inside GamesWEEK210.212020-10-24
IG vs eSubaeSuba1 - 0Inside GamesWEEK110.202020-10-18
CG vs Repre GoldRepre Gold1 - 0Cyber GamingWEEK110.202020-10-18
VIK vs InaequalisInaequalis0 - 1Vikingekrig EsportsWEEK110.202020-10-18
aL vs ECTAbsolute Legends CZSK1 - 0Eclot GamingWEEK110.202020-10-18
Repre Gold vs InaequalisInaequalis0 - 1Repre GoldWEEK110.202020-10-18
eSuba vs ECTEclot Gaming0 - 1eSubaWEEK110.202020-10-18
IG vs VIKVikingekrig Esports1 - 0Inside GamesWEEK110.202020-10-18
CG vs aLAbsolute Legends CZSK0 - 1Cyber GamingWEEK110.202020-10-18