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Hitpoint Masters 2021 Spring

Match List

Hitpoint Masters 2021 Spring results
Game Blue Side Score Red Side Patch Date
SIN vs eSubaSINNERS Esports0 - 1eSubaTIEBREAKER11.42021-02-28
VIK vs BRUTEVikingekrig Esports1 - 0BRUTEDAY1411.42021-02-28
SIN vs eSubaSINNERS Esports0 - 1eSubaDAY1411.42021-02-28
ECLOT vs Dark TigersECLOT0 - 1Dark TigersDAY1411.42021-02-28
Inaequalis vs INGInaequalis1 - 0Inside GamesDAY1411.42021-02-28
SIN vs Dark TigersSINNERS Esports1 - 0Dark TigersDAY1411.42021-02-28
eSuba vs VIKeSuba0 - 1Vikingekrig EsportsDAY1411.42021-02-28
Inaequalis vs ECLOTInaequalis1 - 0ECLOTDAY1411.42021-02-28
BRUTE vs INGBRUTE0 - 1Inside GamesDAY1411.42021-02-28
ECLOT vs eSubaECLOT0 - 1eSubaDAY1211.32021-02-25
ING vs VIKInside Games1 - 0Vikingekrig EsportsDAY1211.32021-02-25
Dark Tigers vs BRUTEDark Tigers0 - 1BRUTEDAY1211.32021-02-25
SIN vs InaequalisSINNERS Esports1 - 0InaequalisDAY1211.32021-02-25
Inaequalis vs eSubaInaequalis0 - 1eSubaDAY1111.32021-02-21
ING vs ECLOTInside Games1 - 0ECLOTDAY1111.32021-02-21
SIN vs BRUTESINNERS Esports1 - 0BRUTEDAY1111.32021-02-21
Dark Tigers vs VIKDark Tigers0 - 1Vikingekrig EsportsDAY1111.32021-02-21
SIN vs ECLOTSINNERS Esports1 - 0ECLOTDAY1011.32021-02-18
BRUTE vs eSubaBRUTE0 - 1eSubaDAY1011.32021-02-18
Dark Tigers vs INGDark Tigers0 - 1Inside GamesDAY1011.32021-02-18
Inaequalis vs VIKInaequalis0 - 1Vikingekrig EsportsDAY1011.32021-02-18
Dark Tigers vs InaequalisDark Tigers1 - 0InaequalisDAY811.32021-02-14
ING vs eSubaInside Games1 - 0eSubaDAY811.32021-02-14
SIN vs VIKSINNERS Esports0 - 1Vikingekrig EsportsDAY811.32021-02-14
ECLOT vs BRUTEECLOT1 - 0BRUTEDAY811.32021-02-14
SIN vs INGSINNERS Esports1 - 0Inside GamesDAY811.32021-02-14
Inaequalis vs BRUTEInaequalis1 - 0BRUTEDAY811.32021-02-14
Dark Tigers vs eSubaDark Tigers1 - 0eSubaDAY811.32021-02-14
VIK vs ECLOTVikingekrig Esports0 - 1ECLOTDAY811.32021-02-14
VIK vs BRUTEBRUTE0 - 1Vikingekrig EsportsDAY711.32021-02-11
SIN vs eSubaSINNERS Esports1 - 0eSubaDAY711.32021-02-11
Inaequalis vs INGInaequalis0 - 1Inside GamesDAY711.32021-02-11
Dark Tigers vs ECLOTDark Tigers1 - 0ECLOTDAY711.32021-02-11
SIN vs Dark TigersDark Tigers1 - 0SINNERS EsportsDAY611.22021-02-07
eSuba vs VIKVikingekrig Esports0 - 1eSubaDAY611.22021-02-07
Inaequalis vs ECLOTECLOT1 - 0InaequalisDAY611.22021-02-07
BRUTE vs INGBRUTE0 - 1Inside GamesDAY611.22021-02-07
ECLOT vs eSubaeSuba1 - 0ECLOTDAY511.22021-02-04
BRUTE vs Dark TigersBRUTE1 - 0Dark TigersDAY511.22021-02-04
VIK vs INGVikingekrig Esports0 - 1Inside GamesDAY511.22021-02-04
Inaequalis vs SINInaequalis0 - 1SINNERS EsportsDAY511.22021-02-04
ECLOT vs INGECLOT0 - 1Inside GamesDAY411.22021-01-31
Inaequalis vs eSubaInaequalis0 - 1eSubaDAY411.22021-01-31
BRUTE vs SINBRUTE0 - 1SINNERS EsportsDAY411.22021-01-31
Dark Tigers vs VIKDark Tigers0 - 1Vikingekrig EsportsDAY411.22021-01-31
ECLOT vs SINECLOT0 - 1SINNERS EsportsDAY311.22021-01-31
eSuba vs BRUTEeSuba1 - 0BRUTEDAY311.22021-01-31
Dark Tigers vs INGDark Tigers0 - 1Inside GamesDAY311.22021-01-31
VIK vs InaequalisVikingekrig Esports1 - 0InaequalisDAY311.22021-01-31
BRUTE vs ECLOTBRUTE0 - 1ECLOTDAY211.22021-01-28
ING vs eSubaInside Games0 - 1eSubaDAY211.22021-01-28
VIK vs SINVikingekrig Esports0 - 1SINNERS EsportsDAY211.22021-01-28
Inaequalis vs Dark TigersInaequalis0 - 1Dark TigersDAY211.22021-01-28
BRUTE vs InaequalisBRUTE1 - 0InaequalisDAY111.22021-01-27
ING vs SINSINNERS Esports0 - 1Inside GamesDAY111.22021-01-27
Dark Tigers vs eSubaDark Tigers0 - 1eSubaDAY111.22021-01-27
ECLOT vs VIKECLOT0 - 1Vikingekrig EsportsDay 111.22021-01-27