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GG&Esports stats
GG&Esports - S11
Region : IT
Season : S11
Win Rate : 0W - 0L
Average game duration : 0:00
GG&Esports Logo
Most banned champions by GG&Esports
Banned by GG&Esports
Blue Side
Red Side
Most banned champions against GG&Esports
Banned against GG&Esports
GGE Blue Side
GGE Red Side
GG&Esports gold and farm stats
Gold Per Minute:0
Gold Differential per Minute:0
Gold Differential at 15 min:-
Win Rate when ahead at 15 min:-
CS Per Minute:0
CS Differential at 15 min:-
Tower Differential at 15 min:-
Avg. Tower Difference:0
First Tower :-
GG&Esports damage and kills stats
Damage Per Minute:-
First Blood:-
Kills Per Game:0
Deaths Per Game:0
Average Kill / Death Ratio:0
Average Assists / Kill:0
GG&Esports objectives control stats
Plates / game (TOP|MID|BOT):-
Dragons / game:0 (0%)
Dragons at 15 min:-
Herald / game:-
Nashors / game:-
GG&Esports vision stats
Vision Score Per Minute:-
Wards Per Minute:-
Vision Wards Per Minute:-
Wards Cleared Per Minute:-
% Wards Cleared:-
GG&Esports blue/red side win rate
Wins/Losses by side

GG&Esports elemental dragons killed
Dragon priority

GG&Esports player's stats
Role Player KDA KP % VSPM Dmg % Gold % Champions played