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Karmine Corp

Karmine Corp stats
Karmine Corp - S11
Region : FR
Season : S11
Win Rate : 0W - 0L
Average game duration : 0:00
Karmine Corp
Karmine Corp Logo
Most banned champions by Karmine Corp
Banned by Karmine Corp
Blue Side
Red Side
Most banned champions against Karmine Corp
Banned against Karmine Corp
KC Blue Side
KC Red Side
Karmine Corp gold and farm stats
Gold Per Minute:0
Gold Differential per Minute:0
Gold Differential at 15 min:-
Win Rate when ahead at 15 min:-
CS Per Minute:0
CS Differential at 15 min:-
Tower Differential at 15 min:-
Avg. Tower Difference:0
First Tower :-
Karmine Corp damage and kills stats
Damage Per Minute:-
First Blood:-
Kills Per Game:0
Deaths Per Game:0
Average Kill / Death Ratio:0
Average Assists / Kill:0
Karmine Corp objectives control stats
Plates / game (TOP|MID|BOT):-
Dragons / game:0 (0%)
Dragons at 15 min:-
Herald / game:-
Nashors / game:-
Karmine Corp vision stats
Vision Score Per Minute:-
Wards Per Minute:-
Vision Wards Per Minute:-
Wards Cleared Per Minute:-
% Wards Cleared:-
Karmine Corp blue/red side win rate
Wins/Losses by side

Karmine Corp elemental dragons killed
Dragon priority

Karmine Corp player's stats
Role Player KDA KP % VSPM Dmg % Gold % Champions played