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Fnatic results
FNC Result Score Side Kills Golds Towers Dragons Vs Kills Golds Towers Dragons Duration Game Patch Week Tournament
LOSS0-1Blue956.154UOL1257.28031:58Fnatic vs UOL8.15WEEK9EU LCS Summer 2018
WIN1-0Blue2770.191ROC1863.93136:56Roccat vs Fnatic8.15WEEK9EU LCS Summer 2018
WIN1-0Blue2198.4102SPY1686.34453:37Fnatic vs Splyce8.15WEEK8EU LCS Summer 2018
WIN1-0Blue2060.291GIA748.32230:27Fnatic vs Giants8.15WEEK8EU LCS Summer 2018
WIN1-0Red1252.591G2445.25027:15G2 Esports vs Fnatic8.14WEEK7EU LCS Summer 2018
LOSS0-1Red1151.701VIT2064.79232:45VIT vs Fnatic8.14WEEK7EU LCS Summer 2018
WIN1-0Blue2460.4114H2K1646.21029:27Fnatic vs H2K8.14WEEK6EU LCS Summer 2018
WIN1-0Blue1957.392S04639.20127:57Fnatic vs S048.14WEEK6EU LCS Summer 2018
WIN1-0Red115683MFT443.60028:50Misfits vs Fnatic8.13WEEK5EU LCS Summer 2018
WIN1-0Red2357.4102UOL1041.82026:25UOL vs Fnatic8.13WEEK5EU LCS Summer 2018
WIN1-0Blue1155.1103ROC641.12027:26Fnatic vs Roccat8.13WEEK4EU LCS Summer 2018
LOSS0-1Red651.231SPY2563.29232:24Splyce vs Fnatic8.13WEEK4EU LCS Summer 2018
WIN1-0Red1648.6102GIA5332022:38Giants vs Fnatic8.12WEEK3EU LCS Summer 2018
LOSS0-1Blue437.721G21950.38024:36Fnatic vs G2 Esports8.12WEEK3EU LCS Summer 2018
WIN1-0Blue2355.9102VIT335.80025:16Fnatic vs VIT8.12WEEK2EU LCS Summer 2018
WIN1-0Blue2760.592H2K540.61127:05H2K vs Fnatic8.12WEEK2EU LCS Summer 2018
WIN1-0Blue644.660S04545.25224:43S04 vs Fnatic8.11WEEK1EU LCS Summer 2018
LOSS0-1Blue337.100MFT155510026:43Fnatic vs Misfits8.11WEEK1EU LCS Summer 2018