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Team SoloMid

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Team SoloMid results
TSM Result Score Side Kills Golds Towers Dragons Vs Kills Golds Towers Dragons Duration Game Patch Week Tournament
LOSS0-1Red249.511MSF1059.411230:39Misfits vs TSM7.18DAY7World Championship 2017
LOSS0-1Blue338.101FW1853.49124:26TSM vs FW7.18DAY7World Championship 2017
WIN1-0Blue1978.9113MSF866.93139:56TSM vs Misfits7.18DAY7World Championship 2017
LOSS0-1Red338.311WE1351.611124:12Team WE vs TSM7.18DAY7World Championship 2017
LOSS0-1Red775.642MSF1780.910345:18Misfits vs TSM7.18DAY4World Championship 2017
WIN1-0Blue865.293WE455.62034:18TSM vs Team WE7.18DAY3World Championship 2017
WIN1-0Red799.5114FW895.310253:59FW vs TSM7.18DAY2World Championship 2017