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CGA Academy

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CGA Academy results
CGA Result Score Side Kills Golds Towers Dragons Vs Kills Golds Towers Dragons Duration Game Patch Week Tournament
LOSS0-3Blue335.900V31648.69324:42CGA Academy vs V3 Academy (3)11.16FINALSLJL Academy Playoffs 2021
LOSS|Red542.930V32957.49427:55CGA Academy vs V3 Academy (2)11.16FINALSLJL Academy Playoffs 2021
LOSS|Blue1366.363V32273.79339:56CGA Academy vs V3 Academy (1)11.16FINALSLJL Academy Playoffs 2021
WIN1-0Blue1957.1103SHG642.31127:51SHG Academy vs CGA Academy11.16SEMIFINALSLJL Academy Playoffs 2021
WIN1-0Red1256.295RJ546.91032:00CGA Academy vs RJ Academy11.16ROUND1LJL Academy Playoffs 2021
LOSS0-1Blue957.131V32471.810437:04V3 Academy vs CGA Academy11.16DAY5LJL Academy 2021
WIN1-0Red1251.493SHG944.22128:42CGA Academy vs SHG Academy11.16DAY4LJL Academy 2021
WIN1-0Red156795RJ956.84136:30RJ Academy vs CGA Academy11.16DAY3LJL Academy 2021
LOSS0-1Blue1867.144BC207511141:38CGA Academy vs BC Academy11.16DAY3LJL Academy 2021
WIN1-0Blue1354.694AXZ242.61029:55AXZ vs CGA Academy11.16DAY2LJL Academy 2021
WIN1-0Blue2053.894SG1143.21027:52CGA Academy vs SG Academy11.16DAY2LJL Academy 2021
WIN1-0Blue1759.1113DFM646.30030:46CGA Academy vs DFM Academy11.16DAY1LJL Academy 2021