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GameWard Academy

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GameWard Academy results
GWA Result Score Side Kills Golds Towers Dragons Vs Kills Golds Towers Dragons Duration Game Patch Week Tournament
WIN1-0Blue1440.772ZPR230.40120:56GWA vs ZPR11.15WEEK9LFL Div2 Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue2560.9113SLYA1252.72130:39SLYA vs GWA11.15WEEK9LFL Div2 Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue2174.333MCES1784.711445:06MCES vs GWA11.15WEEK8LFL Div2 Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue1161.5112FCN153.34334:08FC Nantes vs GWA11.15WEEK8LFL Div2 Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue841.110ATL1652.611327:39Atletec vs GWA11.15WEEK7LFL Div2 Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red545.851OPL1554.29329:43GWA vs Team Oplon11.15WEEK7LFL Div2 Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue1147.732TPAA2055.99229:22GWA vs TPAA11.14WEEK6LFL Div2 Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue125134eYa1454.87030:51GWA vs EZY11.14WEEK6LFL Div2 Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue2158.475GOA647.52030:30GWA vs GOA11.14WEEK6LFL Div2 Summer 2021
WIN1-0Red1967.5104ZPR1060.14235:23ZPR vs GWA11.14WEEK5LFL Div2 Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue435.100SLYA184911324:39GWA vs SLYA11.13WEEK4LFL Div2 Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue1557.7104MCES445.21030:14GWA vs MCES11.13WEEK4LFL Div2 Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue551.911FCN126611433:05GWA vs FC Nantes11.13WEEK3LFL Div2 Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue3592.6103ATL2285.24549:38GWA vs Atletec11.13WEEK3LFL Div2 Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red1245.921OPL1753.711027:05Team Oplon vs GWA11.12WEEK2LFL Div2 Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red943.310TPAA2354.28426:50TPAA vs GWA11.12WEEK2LFL Div2 Summer 2021
WIN1-0Red1863.184eYa552.42133:31EZY vs GWA11.12WEEK1LFL Div2 Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red1774.682GOA2377.710444:55GOA vs GWA11.12WEEK1LFL Div2 Summer 2021