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DK Challengers

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DK Challengers results
DK Result Score Side Kills Golds Towers Dragons Vs Kills Golds Towers Dragons Duration Game Patch Week Tournament
LOSS0-1Red1046.622AF1149.610227:45DK vs AF11.15WEEK10LCK CL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red644.121GEN1454.210226:21GEN vs DK11.15WEEK9LCK CL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue540.330HLE1752.310425:37HLE vs DK11.15WEEK9LCK CL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue85134LSB1463.910131:51DK vs LSB11.14WEEK8LCK CL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red846.731T11653.28429:18T1 vs DK11.14WEEK8LCK CL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red841.520BRO19456225:28BRO vs DK11.14WEEK7LCK CL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue1467.551NS13719437:14DK vs NS11.14WEEK7LCK CL Summer 2021
WIN1-0Red195391DRX441.52226:56DRX vs DK11.13WEEK6LCK CL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue366.533KT672.510442:43DK vs KT11.13WEEK6LCK CL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red84102AF2255.99227:08AF vs DK11.13WEEK5LCK CL Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue1662.493GEN550.24130:37DK vs GEN11.12WEEK4LCK CL Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue2057.684HLE645.60029:34DK vs HLE11.12WEEK4LCK CL Summer 2021
WIN1-0Red1963.974LSB1661.44135:13LSB vs DK11.12WEEK3LCK CL Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue2057.192T1847.11229:09DK vs T111.12WEEK3LCK CL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue661.231BRO2368.98439:35DK vs BRO11.11WEEK2LCK CL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red541.910NS1955.29427:25NS vs DK11.11WEEK2LCK CL Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue2066.4112DRX952.32232:08DK vs DRX11.11WEEK1LCK CL Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue1159.381KT654.44434:09KT vs DK11.11WEEK1LCK CL Summer 2021