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Team THRLL results
TRL Result Score Side Kills Golds Towers Dragons Vs Kills Golds Towers Dragons Duration Game Patch Week Tournament
LOSS1-3Red436.210MCN2354.311424:42MCN vs Team THRLL (4)11.15ROUND1Dutch League Summer Playoffs 2021
LOSS|Red75023MCN3366.511231:44MCN vs Team THRLL (3)11.15ROUND1Dutch League Summer Playoffs 2021
LOSS|Red1556.931MCN28699433:14MCN vs Team THRLL (2)11.15ROUND1Dutch League Summer Playoffs 2021
WIN|Red2759103MCN7440129:17MCN vs Team THRLL (1)11.15ROUND1Dutch League Summer Playoffs 2021
WIN1-0Blue2368.2104DYN453.52235:36Dynasty vs Team THRLL11.14WEEK8Dutch League Summer 2021
WIN1-0Red1862.895PSV1660.38032:10PSV Esports vs Team THRLL11.14WEEK7Dutch League Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red124931LION2156.59329:25LION vs Team THRLL11.13WEEK6Dutch League Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red759.322MCN2774.211438:25Team THRLL vs MCN11.13WEEK5Dutch League Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue114862EZ1551.86228:20Team THRLL vs EZ11.13WEEK5Dutch League Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue2063.7113DYN850.31232:29Dynasty vs Team THRLL11.12WEEK4Dutch League Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue240.622PSV1754.711227:00PSV Esports vs Team THRLL11.12WEEK3Dutch League Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue1957.6101LION747.23329:48LION vs Team THRLL11.11WEEK2Dutch League Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red54011EZ2353.810327:27Team THRLL vs EZ11.10WEEK1Dutch League Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue1047.332MCN2357.410228:51Team THRLL vs MCN11.10WEEK1Dutch League Summer 2021