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Team BDS

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Team BDS results
BDS Result Score Side Kills Golds Towers Dragons Vs Kills Golds Towers Dragons Duration Game Patch Week Tournament
WIN1-0Red2461.294LDLC954.23132:19LDLC OL vs Team BDS11.15WEEK8LFL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue848.630KC1759.511430:10Team BDS vs KC11.15WEEK8LFL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red746.942IZI1957.69228:10Team BDS vs IZI Dream11.15WEEK8LFL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red1866.142MSFP2670.27338:13MSFP vs Team BDS11.14WEEK7LFL Summer 2021
WIN1-0Red2061.383GO1956.27232:33GO vs Team BDS11.14WEEK6LFL Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue54661VITB1347.24327:26Team BDS vs VITB11.14WEEK6LFL Summer 2021
WIN1-0Red3062.794GW1246.62129:58GameWard vs Team BDS11.13WEEK5LFL Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue2972.7104MCES1764.63137:06Team BDS vs Team MCES11.13WEEK5LFL Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue1759.9103MSFP645.53129:31Team BDS vs MSFP11.13WEEK4LFL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue1761.543GO26729235:40Team BDS vs GO11.13WEEK4LFL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red738.712KC1248.69225:55KC vs Team BDS11.12WEEK3LFL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red549.152SLY9579330:31Solary vs Team BDS11.12WEEK3LFL Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue2465114GW753.22235:41Team BDS vs GameWard11.12WEEK2LFL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue1568.731LDLC2376.311541:25Team BDS vs LDLC OL11.12WEEK2LFL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Red251.941IZI1761.810432:34IZI Dream vs Team BDS11.11WEEK1LFL Summer 2021
LOSS0-1Blue452.951VITB2062.27434:02VITB vs Team BDS11.11WEEK1LFL Summer 2021
WIN1-0Blue1956.193MCES443.21128:03Team MCES vs Team BDS11.11WEEK1LFL Summer 2021