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SBTC Esports

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SBTC Esports results
SE Result Score Side Kills Golds Towers Dragons Vs Kills Golds Towers Dragons Duration Game Patch Week Tournament
LOSS0-2Blue838.910TF2651.510423:49Team Flash vs SE (2)11.24WEEK5VCS Winter 2021
LOSS|Red644.610TF2157.311427:54Team Flash vs SE (1)11.24WEEK5VCS Winter 2021
LOSS0-2Blue1043.130LX3961.910325:56LX vs SE (2)11.24WEEK5VCS Winter 2021
LOSS|Red2061.252LX2469.69434:32LX vs SE (1)11.24WEEK5VCS Winter 2021
LOSS1-2Blue1448.810SKY1762.410530:11SE vs SKY (3)11.23WEEK4VCS Winter 2021
WIN|Red1866.572SKY1965.87235:40SE vs SKY (2)11.23WEEK4VCS Winter 2021
LOSS|Blue536.310SKY2552.69424:27SE vs SKY (1)11.23WEEK4VCS Winter 2021
LOSS0-2Blue633.401TS2147.211221:27Team Secret vs SE (2)11.23WEEK4VCS Winter 2021
LOSS|Red2167.564TS2374.510237:54Team Secret vs SE (1)11.23WEEK4VCS Winter 2021
LOSS0-2Red1136.901GAM3652.58122:59SE vs GAM Esports (2)11.23WEEK4VCS Winter 2021
LOSS|Blue1045.822GAM256210227:55SE vs GAM Esports (1)11.23WEEK4VCS Winter 2021
WIN2-1Blue2161.572SGB1956.33231:58SE vs SGB (3)11.23WEEK3VCS Winter 2021
LOSS|Red846.812SGB2056.88128:46SE vs SGB (2)11.23WEEK3VCS Winter 2021
WIN|Blue2662.892SGB1551.82231:19SE vs SGB (1)11.23WEEK3VCS Winter 2021
LOSS0-2Red1356.931CES1866.68333:59SE vs CES (2)11.23WEEK3VCS Winter 2021
LOSS|Blue644.511CES2558.89328:59SE vs CES (1)11.23WEEK3VCS Winter 2021
WIN2-0Red1647.982TF638.72125:39SE vs Team Flash (2)11.21WEEK3VCS Winter 2021
WIN|Blue2064.971TF1061.76336:41SE vs Team Flash (1)11.21WEEK3VCS Winter 2021
LOSS0-2Red1845.620LX2958.410326:25SE vs LX (2)11.21WEEK2VCS Winter 2021
LOSS|Blue1760.222LX2973.310436:03SE vs LX (1)11.21WEEK2VCS Winter 2021
LOSS0-2Blue335.521GAM1949.69223:50GAM Esports vs SE (2)11.21WEEK2VCS Winter 2021
LOSS|Red24131GAM155411327:04GAM Esports vs SE (1)11.21WEEK2VCS Winter 2021
LOSS1-2Red739.920SKY3055.29324:51SKY vs SE (3)11.21WEEK2VCS Winter 2021
WIN|Blue1969.7103SKY960.54336:25SKY vs SE (2)11.21WEEK2VCS Winter 2021
LOSS|Red23300SKY2151.410323:50SKY vs SE (1)11.21WEEK2VCS Winter 2021
WIN2-0Blue155583SGB1048.64129:12SGB vs SE (2)11.21WEEK1VCS Winter 2021
WIN|Red2559.4113SGB1243.70127:54SGB vs SE (1)11.21WEEK1VCS Winter 2021
LOSS1-2Red735.201CES2449.59223:57CES vs SE (3)11.21WEEK1VCS Winter 2021
WIN|Blue2669113CES1156.64134:48CES vs SE (2)11.21WEEK1VCS Winter 2021
LOSS|Red647.551CES1152.38228:18CES vs SE (1)11.21WEEK1VCS Winter 2021
WIN2-0Red2459.484TS1650.93030:20SE vs Team Secret (2)11.19WEEK1VCS Winter 2021
WIN|Blue2370.3113TS1763.92237:10SE vs Team Secret (1)11.19WEEK1VCS Winter 2021