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Analyst Tools for League Of Legends

All-In-One toolkit that help you better understand the meta.

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Meta Infographic

Gives you a quick overview of the last 3 patches:
  • Basic metrics: game time, first dragon timer, total kills, ...
  • Most pick/ban champion
  • Most played champions by role
Meta Infographic example.
Meta Infographic example.

Champion Synergy

Find the best duo champion win rate or explore the different matchup of a specific champion:
  • Direct matchup (Ryze Mid vs others midlaners)
  • indirect matchup (Ryze Mid vs junglers)
  • "good with" (Ryze Mid with junglers)
Champion synergy.
Champion synergy.

Game Search Engine

The search engine allows you to look at stats (win rate, kda, csd@15,...) under specific conditions: blue/red side, game duration, player, champion, ...

Some example of search you can do:
  • Caps win rate vs Akali
  • champion stats on red/blue side
  • Ornn top red side vs Braum support
  • Lucian win rate on game > 40min
Game Search Engine
Game Search Engine