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PL  VandeR

VandeR stats.
General stats
Record: 16W - 9L
Win Rate:
KDA: 7.0
CS per Minute: 2
Gold Per Minute: 280
Gold%: 14.8%
Kill Participation: 68%

VandeR personal best
Personal Best
KDA: Braum 3/0/16 - ACTINA PACT vs REC
DPM: Galio 223 DPM - MSF vs REC
CSD@15: Taric +52 - vs REC
CSM: Taric 3.9 CSM - vs REC
VSPM: Alistar 3.5 VSPM - XL vs Rogue

VandeR laning stats
Early game
Ahead in CS at 15 min:
CS Differential at 15 min: +8.4
Gold Differential at 15 min: +480
XP Differential at 15 min: +391
First Blood Participation: 36%
First Blood Victim: 4%
VandeR champion pool.
Champion Nb games Win Rate KDA
Braum Braum 10
Alistar Alistar 5
Rakan Rakan 4
Taric Taric 3
Galio Galio 2
Leona Leona 1

VandeR damage and kill stats
Damage Per Minute: 121.7
Damage%: 6.8%
K+A Per Minute: 0.31
Solo kills: -
Pentakills: 0

VandeR vision stats
Vision score Per Minute: 2.46
Ward Per Minute: 1.53
Vision Ward Per Minute: 0.45
Ward Cleared Per Minute: 0.28

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Last 100 games

VandeR recent games.
Champion Result Score Build Duration Date Game Tournament
Galio GalioDefeat4/2/11RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems34:142019-04-18MSF vs RECEU Master Spring 2019
Taric TaricDefeat0/2/4RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems30:162019-04-17FNR vs RECEU Master Spring 2019
Rakan RakanVictory0/1/8RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems34:292019-04-16REC vs ASTEU Master Spring 2019
Braum BraumVictory0/0/19RunesRunes vs RECUltraliga Season 1
Rakan RakanDefeat0/1/0RunesRunes vs RECUltraliga Season 1
Rakan RakanDefeat0/3/12RunesRunes vs RECUltraliga Season 1
Braum BraumVictory0/0/14RunesRunes vs RECUltraliga Season 1
Taric TaricVictory2/1/10RunesRunes vs RECUltraliga Season 1
Rakan RakanVictory0/2/8RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItems26:292019-03-21REC vs devils.oneUltraliga Season 1
Braum BraumVictory1/1/16RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItems30:392019-03-21REC vs devils.oneUltraliga Season 1
Braum BraumVictory2/1/7RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItems32:012019-03-21REC vs devils.oneUltraliga Season 1
Taric TaricDefeat0/4/10RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems40:322019-03-21REC vs devils.oneUltraliga Season 1
Galio GalioVictory3/3/13RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItems37:122019-03-06DV1 vs RECUltraliga Season 1
Braum BraumDefeat0/1/4RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItems30:552019-03-02Rogue vs FnaticLEC Spring 2019
Alistar AlistarDefeat0/2/2RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItems27:272019-03-01Rogue vs G2 EsportsLEC Spring 2019
Braum BraumDefeat0/5/3RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItems39:072019-02-23Rogue vs SplyceLEC Spring 2019
Alistar AlistarVictory2/1/8RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItems43:032019-02-22XL vs RogueLEC Spring 2019
Braum BraumVictory1/0/6RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItems27:112019-02-16Rogue vs MisfitsLEC Spring 2019
Braum BraumDefeat1/1/1RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems34:082019-02-15Rogue vs S04LEC Spring 2019
Braum BraumVictory0/1/11RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItems27:172019-02-06Wisla Plock vs RECUltraliga Season 1
Alistar AlistarVictory2/3/5RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItems42:512019-02-05REC vs iHGUltraliga Season 1
Alistar AlistarVictory0/0/10RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItems31:562019-01-30REC vs PRIDEUltraliga Season 1
Alistar AlistarVictory0/0/10RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems33:102019-01-29REC vs INUltraliga Season 1
Leona LeonaVictory5/0/10RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems27:122019-01-23EAC vs RECUltraliga Season 1
Braum BraumVictory3/0/16RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItems23:132019-01-22ACTINA PACT vs RECUltraliga Season 1