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SE  Rekkles

Rekkles stats.
General stats
Record: 3W - 2L
Win Rate:
KDA: 5.0
CS per Minute: 9.2
Gold Per Minute: 399
Gold%: 22.4%
Kill Participation: 61.8%

Rekkles personal best
Personal Best
KDA: Ezreal 3/2/11 - Fnatic vs Giants
DPM: Ezreal 993 DPM - Fnatic vs Giants
CSD@15: Xayah +24 - Roccat vs Fnatic
CSM: Xayah 10.3 CSM - Roccat vs Fnatic
VSPM: Xayah 2 VSPM - Roccat vs Fnatic

Rekkles laning stats
Early game
Ahead in CS at 15 min:
CS Differential at 15 min: -8.4
Gold Differential at 15 min: -578
XP Differential at 15 min: +100
First Blood Participation: 0%
First Blood Victim: 0%
Rekkles champion pool.
Champion Nb games Win Rate KDA
Ezreal Ezreal 2
Janna Janna 1
Karma Karma 1
Xayah Xayah 1

Rekkles damage and kill stats
Damage Per Minute: 459.4
Damage%: 22.2%
K+A Per Minute: 0.25
Solo kills: -
Pentakills: 0

Rekkles vision stats
Vision score Per Minute: 1.13
Ward Per Minute: 0.43
Vision Ward Per Minute: 0.2
Ward Cleared Per Minute: 0.23

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Last 100 games

Rekkles recent games.
Champion Result Score Build Duration Date Game Tournament
Ezreal EzrealDefeat2/3/4RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems31:582018-08-18Fnatic vs UOLEU LCS Summer 2018
Xayah XayahVictory4/3/11RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems36:562018-08-17Roccat vs FnaticEU LCS Summer 2018
Ezreal EzrealVictory3/2/11RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems30:272018-08-10Fnatic vs GiantsEU LCS Summer 2018
Karma KarmaVictory0/0/3RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItems24:432018-06-16S04 vs FnaticEU LCS Summer 2018
Janna JannaDefeat0/0/2RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItems26:432018-06-15Fnatic vs MisfitsEU LCS Summer 2018