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CZ Tomasino 

Last 200 games:

Tomasino recent games.
Champion Result Score Build Duration Date Game Tournament
Dr. Mundo Dr. MundoDefeat1/2/4RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems44:082021-07-03DNE vs INGHitpoint Challengers 2021 Summer
Camille CamilleVictory6/2/4RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItems31:512021-06-30EAC vs DNEHitpoint Challengers 2021 Summer
Urgot UrgotDefeat2/5/1RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems29:062021-06-26DNE vs DTGHitpoint Challengers 2021 Summer
Karma KarmaDefeat0/3/4RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems34:222021-06-23UNI vs DNEHitpoint Challengers 2021 Summer