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CN Spica 

Last 200 games:

Spica recent games.
Champion Result Score Build Duration Date Game Tournament
Graves GravesVictory5/2/3RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems37:002018-08-11FOXA vs GGSANA Academy Summer 2018
Graves GravesDefeat2/2/2RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems39:552018-08-10CGA vs FOXANA Academy Summer 2018
Kindred KindredDefeat2/4/1RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems25:212018-08-04100A vs FOXANA Academy Summer 2018
Nidalee NidaleeDefeat3/3/1RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems40:272018-08-03FOXA vs CLG AcademyNA Academy Summer 2018
Graves GravesDefeat4/6/4RunesRunes    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems47:242018-07-28FLYA vs FOXANA Academy Summer 2018
Gragas GragasVictory3/2/941:062018-07-27FOXA vs TLANA Academy Summer 2018