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KR Huni 

Data may be incomplete, especially for older season.

Finals participation

Huni Finals.
Season League Tournament Game Result
S9LCSLCS Regional Finals 2019FINALSTSM vs CGWIN
S7WorldsWorld Championship 2017FINALSSKT vs SSGLOSS
S7LCKLCK Summer Playoffs 2017FINALSLZ vs SKTLOSS
S7MSIMid-Season Invitational 2017FINALSSKT vs G2 EsportsWIN
S7LCKLCK Spring Playoffs 2017FINALSSKT vs KT RolsterWIN
S6LCSNA Regional Qualifiers 2016FINALSImmortals vs Cloud 9LOSS
S5LECEU LCS Summer Playoffs 2015FINALSFnatic vs OrigenWIN
S5LECEU LCS Spring Playoffs 2015FINALSFinal - UoL vs FnaticWIN

Pentakill List

Huni Pentakills.
Season Tournament Game Champion
S6NA LCS Spring 2016TiP vs ImmortalsEkko
S6NA LCS Spring 2016Liquid vs ImmortalsQuinn