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Player Position Games Win rate KDA Avg kills Avg deaths Avg assists CSM GPM KP% DMG% DPM VSPM Avg WPM Avg WCPM Avg VWPM GD@15 CSD@15 XPD@15 FB % FB Victim Penta Kills Solo Kills
369 TOP1560%
Angel MID1963.2%
Bdd MID955.6%
BeryL SUPPORT1782.4%
Bin TOP1963.2%
Biofrost SUPPORT60%1.60.534.31.220558.3%7.21122.861.730.50.58-3741670%33.3%0-
Bjergsen MID60%
Brokenblade TOP60%
Broxah JUNGLE650%
Bruce ADC616.7%1.71.333.8938959.1%29.14771.070.40.380.11-1883-1640%0%01
Bwipo TOP1154.5%
Canyon JUNGLE1782.4%
Caps MID1457.1%
Chovy MID944.4%
Clid JUNGLE955.6%
Deft ADC944.4%
Doran TOP944.4%
Doublelift ADC60%
Finn TOP616.7%
Gadget ADC60%1.423.52.87.534247.5%30.46010.880.360.210.12-1570-31-9750%16.7%01
Gemini JUNGLE616.7%
Ghost ADC1782.4%
Hanabi TOP633.3%
Hans sama ADC616.7%
Hylissang SUPPORT1154.5%2.812.86.91.223361.3%8.61502.641.580.380.39172115545.5%0%0-
Impact TOP650%
Inspired JUNGLE616.7%
JackeyLove ADC1560%
Jankos JUNGLE1457.1%3.83.637.96.335870.9%17.73771.820.620.420.2552-3-9642.9%21.4%01
Jensen MID650%
Kaiwing SUPPORT633.3%
Kanavi JUNGLE1050%
Karsa JUNGLE1560%
Keria SUPPORT944.4%
Knight MID1560%
Koala SUPPORT616.7%
Kramer ADC650%
Langx TOP650%
Larssen MID616.7%
Life SUPPORT955.6%
LokeN ADC1050%
LvMao SUPPORT1050%
Mark SUPPORT650%
Mikyx SUPPORT1457.1%
Mission MID616.7%
Nemesis MID1154.5%
Nomanz MID60%
Nuguri TOP1782.4%
Peanut JUNGLE650%
Perkz ADC1457.1%
Pk TOP616.7%
PowerOfEvil MID650%
Pyosik JUNGLE944.4%
Rascal TOP955.6%
Rekkles ADC1154.5%
River JUNGLE633.3%
Ruler ADC955.6%
Santorin JUNGLE650%
Selfmade JUNGLE1154.5%
ShowMaker MID1782.4%
SofM JUNGLE1963.2%
Spica JUNGLE60%
SwordArt SUPPORT1963.2%
TANK MID633.3%21.722.38.836349.7%243440.680.380.120.15-1094140%16.7%01
Tactical ADC650%3.342.85.38.741164.7%27.14721.120.440.390.14-111-224466.7%0%0-
Unified ADC633.3%2.21.722.78.236354.4%27.53881.10.490.290.2-479-9-12016.7%16.7%0-
VandeR SUPPORT616.7%1.913.25.21.222164.7%8.61342.411.790.290.51-139-4-10250%0%01
WildTurtle ADC650%
Wunder TOP1457.1%
Yagao MID1050%
Zoom TOP1050%
huanfeng ADC1963.2%4.542.25.89.444062.8%28.46051.060.430.290.14-57-112931.6%21.1%01
solo TOP650%
xiye MID650%4.352.55.78.641277.7%27.15121.
yuyanjia SUPPORT1560%