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Player Position Games Win rate KDA Avg kills Avg deaths Avg assists CSM GPM KP% DMG% DPM VSPM Avg WPM Avg WCPM Avg VWPM GD@15 CSD@15 XPD@15 FB % FB Victim Penta Kills Solo Kills
Aphromoo SUPPORT1931.6%
Biofrost SUPPORT1060%2.70.437.81.223058.2%8.11402.701.600.320.45-134-1-28310%30%0-
CoreJJ SUPPORT1883.3%
Hakuho SUPPORT1428.6%
Huhi SUPPORT1850%
IgNar SUPPORT1866.7%
Poome SUPPORT1250%
Smoothie SUPPORT1926.3%
Stunt SUPPORT616.7%
Treatz SUPPORT875%
Vulcan SUPPORT1872.2%6.811.48.90.925267.6%9.51852.341.400.240.46194-133211.1%5.6%0-
Zeyzal SUPPORT1844.4%