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Player Position Games Win rate KDA Avg kills Avg deaths Avg assists CSM GPM KP% DMG% DPM VSPM Avg WPM Avg WCPM Avg VWPM GD@15 CSD@15 XPD@15 FB % FB Victim Penta Kills Solo Kills
Aphromoo SUPPORT2045%
Bang SUPPORT2100%-4.5011.52.733684.2%26.15464.151.590.970.441104-4108450%0%0-
Biofrost SUPPORT1850%
CoreJJ SUPPORT1838.9%
Hakuho SUPPORT1942.1%
Huhi SUPPORT757.1%
IgNar SUPPORT1850%
Smoothie SUPPORT1816.7%
Stunt SUPPORT2055%1.913.65.91.122658.2%81372.621.50.380.41323-11620%15%0-
Vulcan SUPPORT1794.1%
WildTurtle SUPPORT1100%112192.731064.7%19.33603.371.120.880.27698512070%0%0-
Zeyzal SUPPORT1752.9%
Zven SUPPORT1100%-8022.1381100%35.16452.550.930.760.141733-8516100%0%0-