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Player Position Games Win rate KDA Avg kills Avg deaths Avg assists CSM GPM KP% DMG% DPM VSPM Avg WPM Avg WCPM Avg VWPM GD@15 CSD@15 XPD@15 FB % FB Victim Penta Kills Solo Kills
Akaadian JUNGLE850%
Armao JUNGLE1241.7%
Blaber JUNGLE1894.4%6.641.77.4636871.4%17.83701.710.620.350.275461058650%16.7%02
Broxah JUNGLE1241.7%
Closer JUNGLE1947.4%
Dardoch JUNGLE1850%2.71.836.44.528968.4%12.72121.540.520.390.331-8-31666.7%0%01
Griffin JUNGLE1816.7%
Meteos JUNGLE2055%
Santorin JUNGLE1952.6%
Shernfire JUNGLE633.3%
Svenskeren JUNGLE1957.9%
Xmithie JUNGLE1942.1%