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EU Masters Summer 2020
Bard Visdom
EU Masters Summer 2020
Ekko Lider
Dive Mechanical play 
EU Masters Summer 2020
Zed Czajek
Fail Funny 

Games of legends is the premier resource for me when I'm prepping for a cast. All the information you need is right at your fingertips.

@MedicCasts - LEC caster

Games of Legends is some of the best stats website for League of Legends.

@Wickd - Content Creator / ex pro player

Analyst Tools

Analyst tools
Analyst tools for League of Legends.

Learn from the best and improve your team performance.

Learn the meta and find champion synergy with this 3 analyst tools.

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Betting tips
Exemple of team comparison for betting.

Increase your gain with the team comparison tool, specially designed for betting.

Compare the most common stats used on betting website before placing your bet.

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Hi, I'm Bynjee, I'm a developper. I started Games of Legends in 2014 because I couldn't find these kind of stats.
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