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Poppy Poppy

Poppy stats
Bans: 89 (42/47)
Picks: 204 (87/117)
Presence: 9.5%
Win rate: 86W - 118L
  42.2 %
KDA: 2.8
CSM: 7.6
GPM: 350
DPM: 356
CSD@15: -6
GD@15: -203
XPD@15: -105
Poppy stats by role.
RoleNbWin rateKDADPM
  41.1 %
  71.4 %

Poppy runes.
Poppy summoners and runes


Key mastery
 Key mastery

Poppy builds.
Poppy most bought items
Poppy physical/magical/true damage repartition.
Damage composition

Poppy presence by patches.
Presence by patch

Best Poppy players.
Best Poppy playersNb gamesWin rateKDA
  62.5 %
  100 %
  80 %
  66.7 %
  50 %
RegionNbWin rate
  40 %
  40.5 %
  51.6 %
  44.4 %
  50 %
  35.3 %
  35.3 %
  0 %
  0 %
Strong AgainstWin rateCSD@15Nb games
Gnar Gnar
  80 %
-8 5
Renekton Renekton
  57.1 %
-20 14
Rumble Rumble
  55.6 %
-13 9
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Poppy counter picks.
Weak AgainstWin rateCSD@15Nb games
Camille Camille
  32.1 %
-5 28
Maokai Maokai
  33.3 %
-6 54
Jarvan IV Jarvan IV
  37.5 %
-1 8
Shen Shen
  37.5 %
+4 16
Jayce Jayce
  40 %
-12 5
Nautilus Nautilus
  42.9 %
-3 35
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Last 100 games:

Poppy games list.
Player Result Score Build Opponent Date Game Tournament
ReachVictory0/2/8               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsKayn2017-09-03GMB vs M19 TeamLCL Summer Playoffs 2017
RuinDefeat0/2/1               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsGnar2017-08-24S04 vs GiantsEU LCS Spring Promotion 2017
KabeDefeat2/7/13               Jarvan IV2017-08-20JD Gaming vs SNGLPL Summer 2017
VertVictory0/2/8               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsGalio2017-08-20Red Canids vs ONECBLOL Winter Playoffs 2017
RoboVictory4/1/3               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsJarvan IV2017-08-20Red Canids vs ONECBLOL Winter Playoffs 2017
MaxloreVictory2/0/14               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsZac2017-08-19UOL vs MisfitsEU LCS Summer Playoffs 2017
DoxyVictory2/5/13      vs M19 TeamLCL Summer Playoffs 2017
DoxyDefeat0/4/1               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsJarvan vs M19 TeamLCL Summer Playoffs 2017
RuinVictory2/0/6               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsShen2017-08-18NIP vs GiantsEU LCS Spring Promotion 2017
RuinVictory2/0/1               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsGnar2017-08-18NIP vs GiantsEU LCS Spring Promotion 2017
XerxeVictory0/0/11               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsZac2017-08-13H2K Gaming vs UOLEU LCS Summer 2017
XerxeVictory1/0/9               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsZac2017-08-13H2K Gaming vs UOLEU LCS Summer 2017
XerxeDefeat1/4/0               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsZac2017-08-13H2K Gaming vs UOLEU LCS Summer 2017
LicoriceVictory2/2/8               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRenekton2017-08-12GCU vs eUnitedNA LCS Spring Promotion 2018
DanDyVictory2/4/3               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsGragas2017-08-12GCU vs eUnitedNA LCS Spring Promotion 2018
LicoriceDefeat0/3/3               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsGragas2017-08-11Team Liquid vs eUnitedNA LCS Spring Promotion 2018
LourloVictory2/0/4               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsShen2017-08-11Team Liquid vs eUnitedNA LCS Spring Promotion 2018
XerxeDefeat1/2/4               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsGragas2017-08-11UOL vs VITEU LCS Summer 2017
LZVictory0/4/2               Jarvan IV2017-08-10OMG vs SNGLPL Summer 2017
LourloDefeat0/1/2               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsShen2017-08-06Team Liquid vs DignitasNA LCS Summer 2017
BrandiniDefeat2/3/0               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsShen2017-07-30Echo Fox vs DignitasNA LCS Summer 2017
BrandiniVictory2/2/9               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsKled2017-07-30Echo Fox vs DignitasNA LCS Summer 2017
NexusDefeat0/6/2               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsCamille2017-07-28Wayi Spider vs J TeamLMS Summer 2017
VertVictory2/3/7               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsGnar2017-07-23ONE vs Pain GamingCBLOL Winter 2017
NexusDefeat0/2/0               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsShen2017-07-23Wayi Spider vs RGLMS Summer 2017
NexusVictory4/1/6               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsCamille2017-07-23Wayi Spider vs RGLMS Summer 2017
NinuoDefeat0/3/4               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsJarvan IV2017-07-22Fire Ball vs Wayi SpiderLMS Summer 2017
FlameDefeat1/3/2               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsCamille2017-07-22FlyQuest vs ImmortalsNA LCS Summer 2017
LourloVictory4/1/11               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsMaokai2017-07-22Phoenix1 vs Team LiquidNA LCS Summer 2017
LicoriceVictory1/1/7               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsGnar2017-07-20eUnited vs BIGNA CS Summer 2017
b4ddDefeat1/4/2               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRenekton2017-07-16CNB vs T ShowCBLOL Winter 2017
AmazingJDefeat0/1/0               Jarvan IV2017-07-15I May vs LGD GamingLPL Summer 2017
PhaxiDefeat1/3/0               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRenekton2017-07-15Team Roccat vs MMEU LCS Summer 2017
KabeDefeat2/2/1               Jarvan IV2017-07-13I May vs JD GamingLPL Summer 2017
ADDDefeat1/5/11               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsCamille2017-07-09RNG vs MVPLCK-LPL-LMS Rift Rivals 2017
KabeVictory4/4/8               Camille2017-07-01JD Gaming vs SSLPL Summer 2017
MMDVictory1/3/11               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsJarvan IV2017-06-24Flash Wolves vs AHQLMS Summer 2017
ayelDefeat3/2/3               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRenekton2017-06-10ITZ vs ONECBLOL Winter 2017
ayelVictory1/1/5               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRenekton2017-06-04CNB vs ITZCBLOL Winter 2017
EviDefeat1/4/8               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsGalio2017-04-30Rampage vs SUPMSI Play-In 2017
VizicsacsiDefeat2/4/3               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsCamille2017-04-23G2 Esports vs UOLEU LCS Spring Playoffs 2017
ADDDefeat0/4/6               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsCamille2017-04-11KT Rolster vs MVPLCK Spring Playoffs 2017
MapleSnowDefeat0/4/1               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsFiora2017-04-02HKE vs M17LMS Spring 2017
LicoriceDefeat0/5/0               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRenekton2017-04-01Team EnVyUs vs eUnitedNA LCS Summer Promotion 2017
soloDefeat2/6/0               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsCamille2017-04-01Team Liquid vs GCUNA LCS Summer Promotion 2017
MylonDefeat0/2/2               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsGragas2017-03-26Red Canids vs Pain GamingCBLOL Summer Playoffs 2017
NexusDefeat2/5/1               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsNautilus2017-03-26XG vs AHQLMS Spring 2017
NinuoDefeat0/3/3               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsNautilus2017-03-24M17 vs Fire BallLMS Spring 2017
3zDefeat0/2/1               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsMaokai2017-03-24M17 vs Fire BallLMS Spring 2017
3zVictory2/0/4               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsMaokai2017-03-24M17 vs Fire BallLMS Spring 2017
ADDDefeat1/6/4               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsCamille2017-03-22KT Rolster vs MVPLCK Spring 2017
CuVeeVictory0/3/6               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsGragas2017-03-21SSG vs JAGLCK Spring 2017
ZionSpartanVictory4/3/3               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsCamille2017-03-19CLG vs FlyQuestNA LCS Spring 2017
JisuDefeat0/2/2               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsCamille2017-03-19S04 vs MFAEU CS Spring 2017
3zDefeat2/2/4               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsNautilus2017-03-18M17 vs FWLMS Spring 2017
IkssuVictory1/0/9               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsGragas2017-03-18MVP vs JAGLCK Spring 2017
MapleSnowVictory2/0/10               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsNautilus2017-03-17HKE vs Wayi SpiderLMS Spring 2017
KabeVictory2/2/4               Gragas2017-03-17IG vs QG ReapersLPL Spring 2017
NinuoVictory1/0/7               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsNautilus2017-03-17XG vs Fire BallLMS Spring 2017
NinuoVictory4/1/3               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsMaokai2017-03-17XG vs Fire BallLMS Spring 2017
soloVictory0/0/3               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRenekton2017-03-16eUnited vs GCUNA CS Spring 2017
CuVeeVictory0/1/6               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsGragas2017-03-16SSG vs KT RolsterLCK Spring 2017
ADDVictory1/0/6               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsCamille2017-03-15KDM vs MVPLCK Spring 2017
HuniDefeat1/4/1               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsNautilus2017-03-15SKT vs AFLCK Spring 2017
ZionSpartanVictory0/3/11               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRenekton2017-03-12CLG vs Cloud 9NA LCS Spring 2017
ThulzDefeat0/1/5               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsNautilus2017-03-12Pain Gaming vs REMCBLOL Summer 2017
SeraphDefeat3/4/5               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsCamille2017-03-12Team Liquid vs Team EnVyUsNA LCS Spring 2017
ADDDefeat2/2/0               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRumble2017-03-11AF vs MVPLCK Spring 2017
ZionSpartanDefeat0/4/2               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsNautilus2017-03-11CLG vs DignitasNA LCS Spring 2017
AoshiVictory3/0/5               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsNautilus2017-03-11CNB vs OPKCBLOL Summer 2017
NinuoDefeat0/1/3               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsMaokai2017-03-11Fire Ball vs HKELMS Spring 2017
ChargerDefeat1/0/0               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsGragas2017-03-11M19 Team vs RoXLCL Spring 2017
ImpactVictory5/2/5               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRenekton2017-03-11Team Liquid vs Cloud 9NA LCS Spring 2017
KabeDefeat2/2/7               Nautilus2017-03-10I May vs QG ReapersLPL Spring 2017
KabeVictory3/0/8               Camille2017-03-10I May vs QG ReapersLPL Spring 2017
CuVeeDefeat0/3/3               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsNautilus2017-03-08SSG vs AFLCK Spring 2017
CrazyDefeat0/2/2               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsNautilus2017-03-07bbq Olivers vs MVPLCK Spring 2017
WhiteknightVictory3/2/6               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRenekton2017-03-05Millenium vs PSGEU CS Spring 2017
NinuoDefeat5/1/6               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsMaokai2017-03-04Fire Ball vs FWLMS Spring 2017
FlameDefeat1/4/2               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsCamille2017-03-04Immortals vs Team LiquidNA LCS Spring 2017
LourloDefeat2/2/4               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsNautilus2017-03-04Immortals vs Team LiquidNA LCS Spring 2017
AoshiDefeat2/3/1               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsNautilus2017-03-04ITZ vs OPKCBLOL Summer 2017
SmurfVictory5/0/5               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsCamille2017-03-04NV vs M19 TeamLCL Spring 2017
ssumdayDefeat2/3/5               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsKled2017-03-04Phoenix1 vs DignitasNA LCS Spring 2017
HauntzerVictory2/1/8               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRenekton2017-03-04TSM vs CLGNA LCS Spring 2017
ZionSpartanDefeat1/5/2               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsMaokai2017-03-04TSM vs CLGNA LCS Spring 2017
BOSSDefeat0/4/0      vs JSALCL Spring 2017
LicoriceVictory4/0/10               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsMaokai2017-03-02eUnited vs BGJNA CS Spring 2017
LicoriceVictory3/3/5               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRumble2017-03-02eUnited vs BGJNA CS Spring 2017
CrazyDefeat1/3/6               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsMaokai2017-03-01SSG vs bbq OliversLCK Spring 2017
MMDVictory1/0/8               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRumble2017-02-26FW vs G2 EsportsIEM Katowice 2017
MMDVictory0/1/3               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRumble2017-02-26FW vs H2K GamingIEM Katowice 2017
JisuVictory10/5/16               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsCamille2017-02-26MFA vs FNAEU CS Spring 2017
RoachDefeat0/1/1               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsMaokai2017-02-23KDM vs G2 EsportsIEM Katowice 2017
RoachDefeat0/3/0               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRumble2017-02-23KDM vs G2 EsportsIEM Katowice 2017
SmurfDefeat2/4/0               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsGragas2017-02-23M19 Team vs HKEIEM Katowice 2017
MMDVictory0/1/12               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRenekton2017-02-23UOL vs FWIEM Katowice 2017
OdoamneDefeat0/1/3               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsMaokai2017-02-22ROX Tigers vs H2K GamingIEM Katowice 2017
LooperDefeat2/3/7               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsShen2017-02-19Immortals vs Echo FoxNA LCS Spring 2017
ZionSpartanVictory1/4/4               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsMaokai2017-02-19Team Liquid vs CLGNA LCS Spring 2017