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Syndra Syndra

Last 200 games:

Syndra games list.
Player Result Score Build Opponent Date Game Tournament
BjergsenDefeat2/1/3Summoner spellSummoner spell               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsOrianna2015-10-10TSM vs OrigenWorld Championship 2015
PowerOfEvilDefeat4/2/5Ahri2015-08-22UoL vs H2K GamingEU LCS Summer Playoffs 2015
PowerOfEvilVictory5/2/4Viktor2015-07-23Giants vs UoLEU LCS Summer 2015
ninjaDefeat6/4/5Orianna2015-07-19TDK vs TiPNA LCS Summer 2015
PowerOfEvilDefeat6/4/3KogMaw2015-06-25UoL vs Giants GamingEU LCS Summer 2015
PowerOfEvilDefeat2/8/7Ahri2015-04-19Final - UoL vs FnaticEU LCS Spring Playoffs 2015
PowerOfEvilVictory6/2/1Ezreal2015-04-05QF - Gambit vs UoLEU LCS Spring Playoffs 2015
PowerOfEvilDefeat4/2/0LeBlanc2015-03-28H2K Gaming vs UoLEU LCS Spring 2015
PowerOfEvilVictory9/2/7Karthus2015-03-20CW vs Unicorns of LoveEU LCS Spring 2015
GODVDefeat8/5/5LeBlanc2015-03-13Edward vs LGD GamingLPL Spring 2015
mancloudDefeat1/3/0Zed2015-03-01Team Coast vs Cloud 9NA LCS Spring 2015
PowerOfEvilDefeat4/4/2Orianna2015-02-20UoL vs H2K GamingEU LCS Spring 2015
raphaelDefeat0/4/5Xerath2015-02-07Snake vs E-PacemakerLPL Spring 2015
raphaelVictory2/0/9Xerath2015-02-06Team WE vs E-PacemakerLPL Spring 2015
raphaelVictory11/2/11Xerath2015-01-31Energy Pacemaker vs GamteeLPL Spring 2015
PowerOfEvilDefeat3/2/4Kassadin2015-01-31SK Gaming vs Unicorns of LoveEU LCS Spring 2015
RooKieDefeat4/5/6Jayce2015-01-30Edward Gaming vs IGLPL Spring 2015
BAKADefeat5/5/4Fizz2015-01-30OMG vs SnakeLPL Spring 2015
HetongDefeat4/5/1Xerath2015-01-24Vici Gaming vs GamteeLPL Spring 2015
PowerOfEvilVictory9/0/5Kassadin2015-01-23Gambit vs Unicons of LoveEU LCS Spring 2015
CornDefeat4/2/0LeBlanc2015-01-23OMG vs SHRCLPL Spring 2015
HetongDefeat7/3/4Jayce2015-01-18EDG vs Vici GamingLPL Spring 2015
luoDefeat4/6/5LeBlanc2015-01-18OMG vs E-PacemakerLPL Spring 2015
CoolVictory4/1/6LeBlanc2015-01-18OMG vs E-PacemakerLPL Spring 2015
RooKieVictory2/1/9LeBlanc2015-01-17IG vs GamteeLPL Spring 2015
CoolVictory4/0/8Kassadin2015-01-17OMG vs Vici GamingLPL Spring 2015
luoDefeat2/6/5LeBlanc2015-01-16Energy Pacemaker vs LGDLPL Spring 2015
FakerVictory6/4/5LeBlanc2015-01-16KT Rolster vs SKT T1Champions Spring 2015
BliSSDefeat0/5/4LeBlanc2015-01-14GE Tigers vs SamsungChampions Spring 2015
FrozenDefeat3/4/7Lissandra2015-01-09GE Tigers vs IMChampions Spring 2015
WraithVictory2/3/18Janna2015-01-09Samsung vs Jin AirChampions Spring 2015
NiQVictory8/4/5Orianna2014-12-21Final - CLG vs GambitIEM Cologne 2014
LiNkVictory10/5/6Jayce2014-12-21Final - CLG vs GambitIEM Cologne 2014
NiQVictory5/3/2Ezreal2014-12-201/2 Final - Gambit vs DignitasIEM Cologne 2014
avenueeVictory4/6/8Ahri2014-12-191/4 Final - Aces High vs DignitasIEM Cologne 2014
bebeDefeat4/5/0Fizz2014-12-191/4 Final - Roccat vs DolphinsIEM Cologne 2014
BliSSDefeat1/3/4Karthus2014-12-17SKTT1 vs SamsungOGN Champions Preseason 2015
PowerOfEvilDefeat2/4/10Fizz2014-12-07Final - C9 vs UoLIEM San Jose 2014
HaiVictory4/0/4Lux2014-12-07Final - C9 vs UoLIEM San Jose 2014
PowerOfEvilVictory6/1/7Azir2014-12-061/2 Final - TSM vs UoLIEM San Jose 2014
PowerOfEvilVictory5/3/2LeBlanc2014-12-061/4 Final - UoL vs LyonIEM San Jose 2014
EasyhoonDefeat0/2/3Orianna2014-12-06KT vs SKTT1OGN Champions Preseason 2015