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Karthus Karthus

Last 200 games:

Karthus games list.
Player Result Score Build Opponent Date Game Tournament
CboiVictory2/4/8Summoner spellSummoner spell    ItemsItemsItemsItemsHecarim2021-03-21Mkers vs MCKPG Nationals Spring Playoffs 2021
CboiVictory4/0/12Summoner spellSummoner spell    ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsGraves2021-03-16SMS vs MCKPG Nationals Spring Playoffs 2021
CboiVictory3/0/9Summoner spellSummoner spell    ItemsItemsItemsItemsHecarim2021-03-09MCK vs GG&EsportsPG Nationals Spring Playoffs 2021