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Jax Jax

Last 200 games:

Jax games list.
Player Result Score Build Opponent Date Game Tournament
DarshanVictory3/3/2Summoner spellSummoner spell               ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsRiven2015-11-22JinAir vs CLGIEM San Jose 2015
VVictory8/4/8Fiora2015-09-05Qiao Gu vs SnakeLPL Regional Qualifiers 2015
ExpessionDefeat0/3/3Fizz2015-08-08IM vs CJ EntusLCK Summer 2015
WerIybDefeat5/6/7Maokai2015-07-23Giants vs UoLEU LCS Summer 2015
ExpessionVictory5/4/6Rumble2015-07-03Anarchy vs IMLCK Summer 2015
WerIybVictory3/0/7Rumble2015-06-11Roccat vs GiantsEU LCS Summer 2015
WerIybVictory8/1/1Rumble2015-06-05Giants vs SK GamingEU LCS Summer 2015
CabochardDefeat3/4/3Maokai2015-05-29Roccat vs GambitEU LCS Summer 2015
ShyVictory2/1/6Hecarim2015-04-10CJ Entus vs IMChampions Spring 2015
ColaDefeat1/5/0Hecarim2015-04-03SHRC vs Vici GamingLPL Spring 2015
DarshanDefeat3/4/3Rumble2015-03-30CLG vs Team ImpulseNA LCS Spring 2015
WerIybDefeat3/4/3Maokai2015-03-20Giants vs SK GamingEU LCS Spring 2015
CaliTrlolzVictory4/1/5Gnar2015-02-09Team 8 vs WinterfoxNA LCS Spring 2015
CaliTrlolzVictory5/4/3Gnar2015-02-01Team 8 vs Team CoastNA LCS Spring 2015
CabochardDefeat4/5/5Rumble2015-01-31Gambit Gaming vs FnaticEU LCS Spring 2015
WerIybVictory9/2/4Gnar2015-01-24Giants Gaming vs CWEU LCS Spring 2015
Koro1Defeat5/7/5Kassadin2015-01-23EDG vs SnakeLPL Spring 2015
WerIybVictory5/1/4Renekton2015-01-23Giants vs MYMEU LCS Spring 2015
ColaDefeat2/3/5Irelia2015-01-18Royal Club vs LGD GamingLPL Spring 2015
DarshanDefeat3/1/3Renekton2014-12-21Final - CLG vs GambitIEM Cologne 2014
CabochardVictory6/6/9Maokai2014-12-21Final - CLG vs GambitIEM Cologne 2014
DarshanVictory2/2/3Gnar2014-12-201/2 Final - CLG vs RoccatIEM Cologne 2014
DarshanVictory9/1/8Gangplank2014-12-201/2 Final - CLG vs RoccatIEM Cologne 2014
MeziljieDefeat0/4/1Gnar2014-12-191/4 Final - Roccat vs DolphinsIEM Cologne 2014