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LGD Gaming vs SNG
2017-08-06 (WEEK8)
67:39Victory v7.14
Suning Gaming LGD Gaming
Dragons 1
Towers 7
Team Gold 113.3k
Kills 14
Kills 9
Team Gold 122.5k
Towers 11
Dragons 6
Taliyah Kalista Twitch Orianna Cassiopeia Kassadin Elise Zac Galio RekSai
Player       KDA CS
XiaoAL4/4/8 423  Chogath
H4cker3/3/6 301  Gragas
fenfen2/0/9 605  Lucian
Fury4/0/8 610  KogMaw
Yoon1/2/8 108  Tahm Kench
CS KDA       Player
 Renekton 5581/4/5Banana
 Jarvan IV 2330/0/9Eimy
 Syndra 5552/3/6Cool
 Tristana 6356/0/2imp
 Thresh 360/7/7Pyl

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