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LGD Gaming vs EDG
2017-07-29 (WEEK7)
49:09Victory v7.14
LGD Gaming Edward Gaming
Dragons 3
Towers 7
Team Gold 88.8k
Kills 14
Kills 25
Team Gold 89.5k
Towers 8
Dragons 2
Taliyah Rumble Thresh LeBlanc Braum Zac Caitlyn Kalista Blitzcrank Janna
Player       KDA CS
Banana2/3/7 421  Jarvan IV
Eimy3/3/7 217  Elise
Cool5/7/8 319  Cassiopeia
imp3/6/5 394  Varus
Pyl1/6/3 53  Brand
CS KDA       Player
 Maokai 3482/0/11Mouse
 Orianna 3858/2/12Scout
 Ashe 4672/3/14iBOY
 Tahm Kench914/4/15meiko

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