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2017-07-29 (WEEK7)
24:29Victory v7.14
OMG Invictus Gaming
Dragons 0
Towers 1
Team Gold 35.1k
Kills 4
Kills 19
Team Gold 52.8k
Towers 11
Dragons 2
Thresh Taliyah Kayn RekSai Lee Sin Elise KogMaw Maokai Jhin Varus
Player       KDA CS
Xiyang2/5/1 165 Camille
jiekou1/4/2 93  Zac
icon0/1/3 181  Galio
SmLz1/5/1 191  Ashe
Five0/4/2 24  Bard
CS KDA       Player
 Rumble 1705/1/8TheShy
 Olaf 1466/1/8Ning
 Cassiopeia 2094/1/6RooKie
 Caitlyn 2444/0/10West
 Tahm Kench330/1/12Megan

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