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2017-07-11 (WEEK6)
Match history
Victory 29:55 v7.13
Samsung Galaxy Ever8 Winners
Nashor 1
Dragons 3
Cloud DrakeCloud DrakeCloud Drake
Towers 11
First Tower
Team Gold 58.7k
Kills 8
First Blood
Kills 2
Team Gold 45.1k
Towers 1
Dragons 0
Nashor 0
Kalista Cassiopeia Elise Renekton RekSai Caitlyn Orianna Camille Gnar Taliyah
Player       KDA CS
CuVeeKey masterySummoner spellSummoner spellItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems2/0/2 291  Jarvan IV
HaruKey masterySummoner spellSummoner spellItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems1/1/2 150  Zac
CrownKey masterySummoner spellSummoner spellItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems1/1/4 254  Syndra
RulerKey masterySummoner spellSummoner spellItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems3/0/3 278  Varus
CoreJJKey masterySummoner spellSummoner spellItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItems1/0/5 58  Tahm Kench
CS KDA       Player
 Fiora 2601/1/1ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsSummoner spellSummoner spellKey masteryKiin
 Gragas 1321/0/0ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsSummoner spellSummoner spellKey masteryMalrang
 Corki 2960/3/1ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsSummoner spellSummoner spellKey masteryCepted
Xayah2950/1/1ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsSummoner spellSummoner spellKey masteryDeul
 Thresh 280/3/1ItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsItemsSummoner spellSummoner spellKey masteryElla
Team Gold Advantage
Gold distribution

TOP21.3% 22.7%
JUNGLE18.4% 18.3%
MID21.2% 22.6%
ADC23.2% 23.3%
SUPPORT16% 13.1%

Damage distribution

TOP 39.3% 34.4%
JUNGLE 5.7% 10.4%
MID 21.3% 20.9%
ADC 27.6% 29.4%
SUPPORT 6.1% 4.9%


Jungle control
CS killed in team jungle + CS killed in enemy jungle

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